Q&A Career Questions (3)
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Career Questions that did not make the official Magnet.me blog but were answered by Valérie Rath / ImpactYourCareer

How do I start a specialisation course in my field without having to take out a loan?
“Edx and MOOC offer different online learning opportunities. You can visit https://www.mooc.org/ or https://www.edx.org/. It can give you a hint/feeling of the specialized field and can help you strengthen your decision to purchase a specialisation course.”
I don't like my current job, how do I look for something new whilst still working here?
“Book a few slots in your agenda in the weekend to explore the market and discover opportunities. Use your time wisely to figure out what you truly want to do and what your career ambitions are. With this information you can choose the next career step or training/education.”
I want to work abroad but don't know how to start that process, what should I do?
“Visit the website of Nuffic to inform yourself: https://www.nuffic.nl/en/subjects/work-regulations/working-netherlands-or-another-eu-country. In general it can be helpful to emphasize in your application that you are relocating to that country. This will help recruiters to guide you find your way in the local labour market and local legislation.”
Interview Valérie Rath, Founder ImpactYourCareer for the Magnet.me blog “Ask a Career Coach”

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