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We help you apply successfully for your dream job or traineeship. Choose your topic or combine elements in a package.

All our coaching sessions are tailored to your needs and ambitions. We support you in achieving your dreams.

Application skills


Valérie helped me prepare for several interview rounds. With a lot of enthusiasm and positivity she guided me to construct my answers in a way that they both represent me as well as my link to the organization I was applying for.

Strengthening these skills gave me confidence for my interviews. This resulted in me finding an amazing starters position that perfectly aligns with the goals and dreams that I have.

your way


How to write a resume that reflects your personality, strengths & ambitions that gets you invited for an interview.

cover letter

How to write a cover letter that increases your chances on a job interview and completes your resume.


How to use your LinkedIn profile to maximize networking and job opportunities. Online personal branding.


How to apply for a job in The Netherlands as an expat. Every country has their own informal “rules” for job applications.

Elevator pitch

How to establish your elevator pitch that includes “your why” for job applications, job interviews and meetings.

job interview

How to train your job interview skills to get closer to your dream job and find out if the job fits who you are, your strengths and ambitions.


How to apply for a traineeship at consultancies, corporates, banks and government.


How to prepare for an assessment and showing your skillset during your job search.

job search

How to find the ‘right’ job and employer for you and read job descriptions like a Recruiter.


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