“Everyone deserves a fair chance to be successful in their career.” This is why Valérie Rath founded ImpactYourCareer, a consultancy firm in Amsterdam.

“Finding the career that gives you energy, can be quite challenging. After graduating, during the financial crisis, it became clear to me how important it is to have the right skills and a good network to apply successfully for that dream job.”

Our story

ImpactYourCareer is a consultancy firm, founded by Valérie Rath in 2020. It was quite an adventure starting a new business during unexpected global challenges but the ambition to support people in achieving their goals remained strong. 

With ImpactYourCareer we would like to enhance equal access to opportunity. Everyone deserves a fair chance to be successful in their career. 

And most important, we would like to ripple effect positive energy and thinking in possibilities. 

Seeking job opportunities requires a lot of positivity,
a good network and handy tips to be effective in achieving your career goals. 

With our services in coaching and job search advice, we support you in feeling more happiness,
positive energy and success.

And what success is? You can define it for yourself.
We help you figure it out when you are not sure which career steps to take or when you are reaching for the stars and need extra support.

“Valérie helped me prepare for several interview rounds.

This resulted in me finding an amazing starters position that perfectly aligns with the goals and dreams that I have.

“Thanks to Valérie’s help I managed to navigate my way through the difficult recruitment process in Netherlands and I now find myself in a role which I really enjoy.”

“Valérie helped me make crucial choices in my career. She is very result oriented and has at the same time a warm and open personality.”

“Her coaching style is very warm and friendly yet effective and efficient. She equipped me with amazing decision-making tools which I use on a regular basis.”


Valérie Rath.

2020 – current
EQA Practitioner
2020 – current
Founder & Certified Career Coach
2017 –
Talent Acquisition Manager
2015 –
Business Partner
2015 –
Business Partner
2012 –
HR and Recruitment Consultant
2010 –
Master Private Law and Master Information Law

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